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The Promise to Hokuzan

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The Promise to Hokuzan

By Pattie H. Miyashiro

Lady Makadogane lived a privileged life behind the high walls of Nachijin Gusuku. As consort to Great King Han Anchi, she had already borne him two heirs and was pregnant with a third child.

She was not a beauty, but there was something striking about her long, thick lashes and her light brown eyes, twinkling with specks of gold. She always knew what people were thinking, and she was full of youthful vigor.

Now, she's on the run, fearful that she might meet the same fate as her deposed and fallen husband at the hand of enemy soldiers. But a sword called "The King's Mirror," bestowed to the rightful rulers of the Haniji dynasty, might still be able to save the Hokuzan kingdom. Only the rightful ruler can cast his reflection in the sword, but enemies of the kingdom are out to acquire it.

Take a journey back in time as Lady Makadogane fights for herself, her family, and her people. To survive, she must overcome betrayal, violence, and unexpected obstacles in The Promise to Hokuzan.