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T-shirt In4mation Hi Script (Adult)

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HUOA x In4mation Collaboration

"hi" script with HUOA logo in purple with white imprint or black with purple imprint.  Adult sizes only.

  • Front: "hi" script, one of in4mation's signature brand logos
  • Back: Minsa 5-4 block design
  • Sleeve: Okinawa main island

An iconic symbol of Okinawa is the Yaeyama traditional weave known as “minsa”.  The underlying meaning of minsa involves a play on words with the numbers “5” and “4”.  The woman weaves a sash intertwining designs of 5 and 4 marks. "Itsu” (5) and “Yo” (4) = “itsu mademo aishiteru" ("Love you forever").  Horizontal lines along each border represent a centipede-like pattern which expresses her wish that her beloved returns often.