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A Chilling Tale of Shave Ice

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A Chilling Tale of Shave Ice: Mrs. Sugihara HAUNTS a village

By Glen Grant

A Chilling Tale of Shave Ice is a poignant tale of the widow Mrs. Sugihara and her teeenage son who run a small store in a sugar plantation village on the island of Hawai'i in 1937. When the neighborhood stories of strange hauntings in the near-by Japanese language school reach the ears of Mrs. Sugihara, her fertile imagination concocts a supernatural plot which will soon have the entire village waiting for the return of the spirits of the dead. As they wait for an encounter with a ghost, the villagers spend the night telling ghost stories which capture the multicultural lore of the Hawaiian Islands. When the ghost of the Japanese language school fails to appear, Mrs. Sugihara then attempts to resurrect the dead, a turn of events which will spell disaster for the village and the Sugihara Store.

The dialogue of A Chilling Tale of Shave Ice was developed by James Grant Benton and Arnold Hiura so as to capture the rhythms and diversity of Hawai'i's pidgin English. A glossary is included to assist readers who may not be familiar with the local terms which add cultural complexity to the story of Mrs. Sugihara and the haunted village.