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Boy From Kahaluu

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Boy from Kahaluu - An autobiography - With forward by Governor John Waihee

By Tom Ige

The children of immigrant parents in the United States, no matter their ethcnic background, appear to have similar problems and similar drives. Their stories, be they from Europe or Asia, are concerned with the evolution of the individual from a strange land into a personality easily identified as American. Tom Ige was one of those children who was molded by the school system, by playing baseball, by service during World War II, and by astute political activities into that image so easily identified as the American character. This process is a powerful equalizer. It seems to imbue people with similar ideas and goals and, in many cases, offers the children of immigrants the opportunity to achieve those goals. 

Tom Ige went through the “Americanization” process and, on the way, became an integral part of the American milieu. His story is one of optimism yet it realistically recognizes that the path of the Japanese-American is strewn with a few more boulders than the one followed by those second-generation youths from European families. However the obstacles did not deter him from achieving his aims. Today he is clearly the portrait of the mature American.

- Professor Seymour Lutzky, Fromer Director, American Studies Program, University of Hawaii