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UCHINANCHU SPIRIT Assorted Greeting Card Set (Limited Edition) (assorted set of 8)

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Assorted set of 8 cards that evoke the Uchinanchu Spirit! You’ll find “Uchinaaguchi” words on many of these cards to share with all your Uchinanchu friends and family!
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*  Set of 8
*  Folded cards measure 4.25″ x 5.5″
*  Blank interior
*  Kraft matte envelopes (A2 size)

  • Uchinanchu state of mind
  • Uchinanchu at heart
  • Chibariyo! (Do your best! Don’t give up! Hang in there!)
  • Akisamiyoo! (Oh my goodness!)
  • Ippee nifee deebiru! (Thank you very much!)
  • Nankurunaisa (Even during difficult times, if we do the right thing and put in the effort, one way or another things will work themselves out.)
  • Haisai! (greeting)
  • Haitai! (greeting; softer tone used by women)

UCHINAAGUCHI - a language worth saving!
In this limited edition set, you’ll find words in the Okinawan language known as “Uchinaaguchi.” It is one of six languages that once flourished in the Ryukyu Kingdom prior to Okinawa’s annexation. Sadly, all six Ryukyu languages are in jeopardy of becoming extinct. When a language dies, so does a rich and meaningful part of a people’s culture. We hope that in some small way, our cards can continue to celebrate the Uchinanchu spirit.