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Uchinanchu Annual 2020

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The HUOA is pleased to announce the publication of Uchinanchu 2020, a colorful look back at a year filled with unexpected challenges.

Not long after the Installation and Uchinanchu of the Year celebration, the global coronavirus pandemic impacted most – if not all – Shinnen Enkai parties, summer picnics, culture classes, parades, and concerts. Travel was restricted and even such treasured events as the Okinawan Festival, Legacy Award, and anniversaries were canceled or revised to conform to public health guidelines.

Uchinanchu 2020 captures the courage, vision, and resilience of HUOA’s members and leadership and will stand as a record of these remarkable circumstances. It will serve as an important keepsake of the people and activities that helped bridge HUOA’s journey from past practices towards its even brighter future.