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T-shirt In4mation Hai Script HUOA70 Black (Adult)

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HUOA 70th Anniversary x In4mation Collaboration

"hai" script with HUOA logo on black with red bingata imprint.  Adult sizes.

  • Front: "hai" in red bingata. "Hai" is the casual form of "haitai" or "haisai", used as a greeting to say "hello"
  • Back: Minsa 5-4 design in red

"Bingata" is a traditional Ryukyuan textile that involves intricate stenciling and dyeing by hand.  Originally produced for royalty in Shuri, it is now often seen on kimono worn by Ryukyu Buyo (traditional Okinawan dance) dancers.  Its bright colors and distinct patterns featuring nature have become a symbol of Okinawan style.

An iconic symbol of Okinawa is the Yaeyama traditional weave known as “minsa”.  The underlying meaning of minsa involves a play on words with the numbers “5” and “4”.  The woman weaves a sash intertwining designs of 5 and 4 marks. "Itsu” (5) and “Yo” (4) = “itsu mademo aishiteru" ("Love you forever").  Horizontal lines along each border represent a centipede-like pattern which expresses her wish that her beloved returns often.